The quota system in burn rehabilitation.

TitleThe quota system in burn rehabilitation.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsEhde DM, Patterson DR, Fordyce WE
JournalJ Burn Care Rehabil
Date Published1998 Sep-Oct
KeywordsAdult, Burns, Electric, Depression, Helplessness, Learned, Humans, Male, Patient Participation, Stress, Psychological

This article describes the quota system as a treatment for the helplessness behaviors and depressive symptoms that develop in some patients with burn injuries. With an A-B single-case design, the quota system was implemented for a patient who had sustained a particularly severe burn injury. A series of baseline behaviors were measured for 3 days, and then 80% of the patient's average performance on each of the targeted behaviors was computed and used as the initial quota value. The behavioral quotas were increased systematically and gradually by approximately 5% to 10% every day. The results suggest that the quota system may have been effective in decreasing an overall trend toward passivity, in increasing 3 of 4 targeted rehabilitation behaviors, and in reducing depressive symptoms in a patient with a particularly devastating injury.

Alternate JournalJ Burn Care Rehabil
PubMed ID9789180